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  • Payment
Driver and passengers not included in these fares.
Electric vehicles – Free if green license plate.
Car or other vehicle (not exceeding 6.4 m in length x 2.44 m in width)
52.90 $
Motorcycle, moped
34.50 $
Motorcycle with trailer
52.90 $
Coach (passengers not included)
196.90 $
Coach (less then 10 passengers)
19.90 $ / m
Trailer, tent-trailer
1 m to 3.4 m
34.50 $
3,5 m to 6,4 m
52.90 $
6,5 m to 7,4 m
89.40 $
7,5 m to 8,4 m
125.90 $
8,5 m to 9,4 m
162.40 $
9,5 m to 15,4 m
19.90 $ / m
15,5 m to 24 m
17.90 $ / m
Others, on request
Car or other vehicle
6,5 m to 6,9 m
70.70 $
7,0 m to 7,4 m
94.20 $
Truck, van, motorhome, motorized equipment
7,5 m to 15,4 m
19.90 $ / m
15,5 m to 24 m
17.90 $ / m
Others, on request
One way
Child 6 years and under
Child 7 to 12 years
14.90 $
Adult 13 to 64 years
22.20 $
Senior 65 years and over
20.30 $
Round trip, remaining aboard (3 hours) or back and forth in the same day
Child 6 years and under
Child 7 to 12 years
18.70 $
Adult 13 to 64 years
27.60 $
Senior 65 years and over
25.20 $
15 to 30 persons
20.30 $
31 persons and more
18.30 $
You will be given a boarding pass while on the dock which can be paid once aboard the ferry: cash, debit cards, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.

New 2024 season

Please note that our new 2024 season will start on Thursday March, 28h.

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Persons with mobility impairments

If you are a person with a mobility impairment or other health issue requiring assistance, please notify our agents upon arrival at the dock. They will facilitate your access to the passenger decks. If necessary, our staff will provide assistance to any passengers requiring it. Our service areas are also wheelchair accessible.


Our elevator allows persons with mobility impairments or other health issues to safely reach the upper deck. If necessary, our staff will provide assistance to any passengers requiring it.


Due to the pandemic situatuion, our restaurant is close until further notice, however, our lunch counter is still open all year round.


The bar offers great views of the St. Lawrence in a pleasant ambience.

Souvenir shop

The souvenir shop offers regional specialty products from the Charlevoix and Rivière-du-Loup areas and local crafts from the Corporation Métiers d’art/Bas-Saint-Laurent. T-shirts, sweaters, polo shirts, hats, postcards and more are also available. Take home a real treasure for yourself or as a gift!

Children’s play room

The ferry has small play room so kids can have fun during the crossing. Note that children must be accompanied by a parent at all times.


Passengers aboard the MV Trans-Saint-Laurent have access to free wireless Internet service.

Tourist information

Passengers can peruse a wide variety of tourist information available in the display units located near the souvenir shop, where our partners – restaurants, lodging establishments and tourist attractions – provide pamphlets and brochures describing their facilities and services. Our staff can also provide information about the various services and attractions on both shores of the St. Lawrence. You’ll also find tourist information in the Explore section of this site.


With the exception of guide dogs, all pets must remain in your vehicle throughout the crossing.

On board services

Useful information

See the Information section for details on the following topics:

  • Réservations and boarding
  • Capacity
  • Recreational vehicules accepted
  • Safety management
  • On-board services
  • Electric vehicles


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One-day round trip

The ferry offers a pleasant day trip aboard the MV Trans-Saint-Laurent for as little as $25.30 or less per person.

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