Current specials

The Rivière-du-Loup/St-Siméon ferry offers discounts and special excursion fares so you can get the most out of your trip with us.


Day trip with disembarking

The ferry offers a day trip for passengers on foot, with the option of disembarking on the far shore, for as little as $27.60 or less per person.

For example, you can board the ferry in Rivière-du-Loup and disembark in St-Siméon to enjoy the beautiful beach and charming restaurants, then return to Rivière-du-Loup on the last crossing of the day. Or you can board in St-Siméon to spend the day visiting Rivière-du-Loup’s shops, restaurants and other tourist attractions.

Day trip without disembarking

Why not just explore the St. Lawrence by making a round-trip ferry crossing without disembarking? Belugas, razorbills and black guillemots can often be spotted from the ferry during this approximately three-hour cruise.

Loyalty cards

Sign up for our 6/1 Loyalty Card program. Make six crossings with your car and it crosses for free on your seventh trip. Inquire at the ticket counter aboard the ferry.