Ferry schedule information

The Rivière-du-Loup/St-Siméon ferry has 2 to 4 scheduled departures per day at set hours. This schedule varies with the seasons. Note that the crossing takes approximately 70 minutes.

The schedule is modified during holiday periods to provide our customers with service that meets their vacation travel needs. We recommend that you arrive:

  • During summer and holiday: 90 minutes before departure
  • During spring and fall: 30 minutes before departure during the week, 60 minutes on fridays and sundays.

See the 2024 schedule below for full details. You can also download the full schedule by clicking here.

Note that the schedule is subject to change without notice, particularly when the weather conditions are poor. A notice is immediately posted on our website to inform our customers of any such changes. You can also sign up to receive notifications of any schedule changes, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.



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